Why you can’t beat being a mum

I am sat on the floor on my living room,  back against the couch,  surveying the general destruction around me.  There are toys everywhere,  I have not yet cleared the dinner table and there is a basket of washing to go upstairs. I feel exhausted: can’t believe that there is so much to do when I feel that I have stopped for days.   

My attention is caught by my two (nearly three)  year old who appears from behind the couch.  He has got no pants on as he refused to put them back on after the toilet.  I see this little bare bottom as he climbs on to the dining room chair.  He sits down and spoons a mouthful of the now cold spaghetti (that he refused to eat before) in to his mouth.  He chews,  shallows,  then looks right at me. He grins,  sauce around his mouth. 

“I love you mummy. ”

Out of nowhere. The weight of dirty dishes,  piles of ironing,  toys and a living room in desperate need of decoration just disappears. 

” I love you too sweetheart.” I smile at him and he clambers off the chair and runs towards me.  He throws his arms around my neck and rests his head on my shoulder. 

“I so love you mummy.”

The best pick-me-up,  ever. 

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