I am absolutely exhausted but in a contented-I’ve-had-a-great-day sort of Tiredness.  I’m not long back from Road trip 2 with my friend.

Today we went to Yorkshire. Being Lancashire Lasses, we enjoyed the subtly different landscape that travelling East brings. 

We started out in Skipton, enjoying the market and shops and the most amazing cream tea:

Skipton also has a castle which we did not go into today but I am assured is well worth a visit. 

We then travelled on to Grassington, the ‘gateway’ to the Dales. It is a quaint village with lots of little shops and cafes and beautiful walks. 

After a lovely walk we then went on to Kettlewell. Kettlewell is smaller than Grassington with a beautiful little church and an annual and famous scarecrow festival. We had a lovely meal in the Bluebell Arms then begrudgingly set off for home. 

These road trips have been a revelation. Just an hour from home and I feel like I have been transported to a different world. My cares, worries and anxieties just disappear. I can be myself. I don’t need to think about the washing or the separation or how I am going to cope with three children and a full time job.

Is this escapism? Maybe. But I also like to think this is living – enjoying the world around me. It helps me to remember that there is a big old world out there and that I can break free of the claustrophobic walls of anxiety and explore it whenever I want. It does make my problems go away but it does put them back in their place – not all consuming and demanding, but just a small part of my life. 


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