What a view for a picnic, eh? 

Flowing on from my solo walk last week, I took my friend (and walking buddy) to the same place on Saturday. As it was earlier in the day it was busier with families and cute little kids in welly boots, but my friend loved it as much as me. We wandered over the style at the edge of the wood and into a sloping farmer’s field with grazing sheep at one end. After a little wander, and us having no knowledge of the area, we decided to head back to the woods where we were certain we wouldn’t be upsetting any farmers. 

We headed deeper into the wood where the path disappeared underneath the bluebells and woodlitter. Before long we came to wooden fence that marked the end of this little valley woodland and stopped for our picnic. It’s amazing how delicious a sandwich is when you feel like you’ve earned it, isn’t it? We ended up sitting there talking for nearly an hour although it didn’t feel like it. 

I loved listening to the sounds of the wood before  we left the more secluded parts and headed back to the beaten track.  

I’m ashamed to say that this place has been practically on my doorstep for years and I have never been. We called into another beauty spot and into the ranger’s office where I found fliers for historical walks around where I live and work as well as for other council owned beauty spots. It is so important that these places are used and cherished or they’ll end up like the local libraries – far down on a cash strapped council’s list. So, if you live in the UK, take a look at what’s around you. You’ll be amazed. 

As always, my ongoing frustration is the lack of time I have to do more of this. I had my two week counselling review this week and she said that I seem much happier which is true. She also emphasised how important it was to factor in these walks and nice times each week. 

It’s easier said than done. I’ve taken advice from those around me and stopped trying to be superwoman by doing, or failing to do, everything a full time working mother of three has to do. The thing I have cut down quite a bit is working at night. I feel better about spending quality time with the children and I am managing the housework better. But I can’t continue to not do some of the work I’m putting off as it will have to be done eventually. I keep hoping that things will improve when the ex gets his house. But new year has turned into May and there is still no sign. 

I’ve been messaging a man for a few weeks now and we have provisionally planned to meet next weekend. I have mixed feelings – he seems nice, is reasonably attractive and I am enjoying his conversation. He is very flattering and complimentary which is nice but also a little uncomfortable as we haven’t met yet. The big issue is the big issue. He has one of THOSE red flag problems that I mentioned in my post about  my ex.  Deep down I know this will never work. If we liked each other upon meeting, I would have the painful experience of wondering if he has sorted the problem out as he said he will. Been there, done that and set fire to the t-shirt.  No, he is not my ex, and yes I should trust him at his word until proved otherwise but I had thirteen years of this. I don’t want another minute of it. He’s got to go, sadly. 

I’ve actually got a social life over the next few weekends which is great. I’m looking forward to getting out and about with friends. Who needs a man?….. 

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