‘And laughter, learnt of friends’ (Rupert Brooke) 

Laughter is such a powerful weapon  against depression. The difficulty is, of course, finding a situation where you can and want to laugh. 

The quote in the title is from one of my favourite WWI poems called The Soldier.  The poet reassures his loved ones that if he died at war, he would live on in eternity carefree and remembering his wonderful life and upbringing in England. 

Last night was my monthly book club group meeting and it was held at my house. After a couple of hours of frantic cleaning and tidying, my friends arrived and we had a fantastic evening of books, wine and nibbles, laughs and tears. 

Each one of us has had some personal difficulty recently. I suppose in a sense the same could be said for everyone, right? It is how we deal with it that matters. 

One friend recounted the death of her husband four years ago. He was her best friend and soul mate and she says that their life together was perfect despite his prolonged illness. Although the pain is clearly still so raw, she talked of how she was living her life her way now, surrounding herself with different groups of friends and family.  She was so grateful for the life she had with him. Their relationship shows that there is that one, special person out there that completes you. You just have to be lucky enough to find them. 

And in their loss, I saw new meaning too and it clarified a thought that has been long forming in my mind. That the people you are with fit you for that moment of time you are in. You know you’re with your soul mate if their ‘evolvement’ compliments and enhances yours and vice versa. I’m going to keep hopeful that I may one day find mine. 

Tonight I have some friends coming round for a meal. I’m fully looking forward to more laughter this evening. 

Have a good weekend everyone ☺. 

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