Is it me you’re looking for? 

The phone rings. I raise my head from reading and smile when I recognise the number. The call is unexpected. I haven’t been waiting anxiously for a text or a WhatsApp. I haven’t replayed every conversation or touch, analysing for signs I may have missed. I haven’t questioned whether he does actually like me or whether he is stringing me along or using me. My life is good: I am happy. He is the beautifully formed cherry on the top. 

He tells me about his day. He likes his job and does well in it, but it doesn’t rule his life. He also talks about his hobbies which captivate me. He then listens to me as I describe my day, offering friendly advice when needed. We arrange to meet up in a few days. 

The days pass quickly and happily. I’ve been out with my children, the necessary housework has been done and I have actually managed a long walk and talk with my friend. 

When we meet I am excited and yet content. My stomach flips at the sight of him… And then at the smell of him.. And then at the touch of him… He makes me feel beautiful and interesting and intelligent. We laugh, we talk. He makes me see the world ina different way whilst respecting my own views and ideas. He inspires me to think and act differently and to be a better version of myself. 

When we are alone our time together is passionate and intimate, frenzied and gentle. I feel complete with him. 

Yet when he is gone my life continues, the earth still moves on its axis.  I’m secure in the knowledge that he is mine and I am his. I enjoy my time without him. I love the time with him. I’m safe in the knowledge that we have all that we need. From time to time we have a wonderful weekend or week together. We spend the days walking in beautiful places or going to museums or art galleries. At night we cook together, share a bottle of wine with friends. Maybe we watch a film cuddled up on the couch. We always make love and sleep side by side. 

One day, when the time is right, we will move in together. We will live together until our dying day. But for now, our lives are better for being with each other. There is an understanding between us that no one else can comprehend. But that’s ok. It works for us. 
If anyone knows this man, please let me know. He’ll be late 30s to early 40s. He will probably look like Adam Levine/Zachary Levi/Gerard Butler/Liam Hemsworth and really fancy overweight, dark haired-green eyed school teachers with three children. 

Cheers WordPress. 



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