I believe that there are certain circumstances that have to happen before you lose weight. It’s a bit like planets aligning – doesn’t happen very often and it is a wonderous thing when it does. 

The first two are pretty obvious:

Eat less. 

Exercise more. 

For the lucky some, those two are enough. For the rest of us, they are nigh on impossible to sustain without the big hitters:


A positive mindset

Reality check
Let’s start with determination. Put simply, you’ve got to want to do this enough. It’s got to be stronger than the pull of deliciously rich chocolate or a plate of hot vinegary fried chips. Or a cold, cold glass of crisp white wine. Not easy. 

Then there’s a positive mindset. You’ve got to believe you can do this. You might have 5 stone to lose. It might have taken you three months to lose a stone. But with a positive mindset, that’s OK. You see the loss, not the time it has taken you.  And when you’re looking at your saggy, soft body you push away the thoughts that ‘I’m never going to do this’ or ‘no matter how much I lose, I’m still going to have stretchmarks/saggy skin/saggy breasts/bingo wings etc. Because those thoughts are the ones that vindicate a packet of biscuits or two bags of crisps. They welcome the sweet calories of a bar of chocolate like a king welcoming his favourite warrior back from battle. 

But, despite the power of positive mindset, a healthy dose of reality check is essential. “Yay! Well done! You’ve lost two stone. But that doesn’t mean you can now inhale the entire contents of your fridge. It doesn’t mean that you can leave the exercise for a few days. You’ve got to keep going.”

I’m struggling. I’ve been fat for so long that I cannot ever see the day when I’m not fat. I know that the soft saggy skin will never be firm and taut. I can’t imagine the time when I can get up and not be thoroughly disgusted with myself and my body and what I have stuffed into my mouth in the previous 24 hours. I can’t stop myself from thinking that I will never find someone who will love me in the state I am in. 

But I have got pride in my minor achievements. I have walked more in the past two months than I have in the past two years. I have (just about) kept off the two stone I have lost in the past two years. I’m still trying. Yes, I fail. I fail pretty regularly. But I keep dusting myself off and start again.  I keep fighting with my negativity. I keep remembering that the balance is not tipped in my favour. That if I don’t try I’ll never know if the impossible can become possible. 

4 thoughts on “Trying. 

  1. That’s the spirit! You don’t have to be unhappy with your body. You don’t have to resolve yourself to being overweight and out of shape.

    Make small changes. Go slowly.

    I have had amazing results with Metabolic Aftershock and Metabolic Prime workouts. They are innovative, backed by solid science, and only require 15 minutes of your time 3x/week. These HIIT workouts are intense and super effective. I’ve been doing them for 3 years (Metabolic Aftershock for over 2 years, Metabolic Prime for almost a year) and love them.

    I’ve been active my entire adult life with one workout program or another but these are the only ones that have made a difference in my body.

    My point is: Keep tweaking to find what works best for YOU.

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    1. Thank you! The walking has really given me a new lease of life but it is not enough you help me lose weight. 15 minutes I can do! I will look into it. Thanks for your support. ☺

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      1. Just a warning: they use (or used to use) a marketing company that looks like infomercial marketing. Website is horrible! And they’ll keep trying to get you to buy more products as you’re checking out. Don’t do it!

        It’s a huge turn of and I’ve complained to them about it. Get through that annoyance and you’ll be very happy with the product. 😀

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