It’s been a funny old day. 

I woke up in a bad mood. It may have been exhaustion from a tough week at work and the realisation that I have not had a lie-in since October. It may also have been the fallout from 3/4 bottle of wine that I drunk all to myself the night before. 

Ex picked the children up at 10am. My middle son didn’t want to go even though it’s father’s day. I actually felt a little sorry for Ex but this is the result of his poor relationship with his children. My son went in the end but I did have a tearful call at lunchtime where he said he wanted to come home early. I worry when he is like that. He is quite a sensitive and deep soul and it can take a while to get to the bottom of what is bothering him. 

After they had left, I surveyed the general destruction around me. I hung some washing out, reloaded and then… Went back to bed. Yes, you read right. This little treat is reserved only for when I am ill normally. But, up I went. I had the windows open to let in some air and then had a 30 minute snooze before my friend text me to make arrangements for the day. I was in a much better mood by this point. 

Today we shopped because next weekend we are going away. I am so excited! I normally hate shopping as I generally find it a disappointing experience. It’s no fun when you’re fat. However today was good as I managed to get my children a few things they needed whilst in good company. Usually I would shop online or alone. 

On the way home we took the scenic route instead of the motorway and sipped mint ice coolers from Costa. I do not want to think about the calories but they didn’t half help to cool us down. We also got a little distracted by the sight of two rather delicious bikers who had stopped by the exit of a roundabout to check their bikes. Strangely, the two men both fit my friend and I in regards to taste – one, a bearded blonde, one brown haired and clean shaven. They were so attractive we went round the roundabout another two times. 😊. I gave a friendly beep on the way past but they didn’t see us, more’s the pity! 

I lost 3lb this week! I’m really pleased but know there is still a way to go to find a healthy way of eating I can sustain longterm. I am sick of the never-ending circle of weight loss – gain- diet. No more. I will keep you posted. 😊 

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