I have fond memories of jigsaw puzzles. I’m talking about the huge 1500 piece ones of mountains and valleys or rose covered cottages.

On a rainy day in a countryside cottage, we would sit together – maybe with a hot chocolate or a cup of tea – and we would sort the pieces. We would work methodically until eventually we’d get to that bit. You know the part I mean. It could be an expanse of trees or sky or shadow. But either way, the pieces look identical.

At first glance anyway. Closer inspection will soon show that there are a few distinct shapes. You will also see subtleties in shade or colour.

After a while you will steadily begin to manage that difficult section and the puzzle will begin to grow. Occasionally you will go so far only to realise that you have gone wrong somewhere. It looked like the two pieces fit: right shape, right colour, right pattern. But you have a nagging feeling it’s not quite fitting right…so you exchange it and realise that it want the right piece after all.

I believe that somewhere out there is my perfect puzzle piece. I’m going to find and meet people who look like the right piece for my life picture. And for a little while, I’m going to get on with life thinking that they are. Only after a little time, I will realise that they are not quite the perfect fit.

And that’s OK. Maybe I will find one that is not quite perfect but will do. Either way, I’m not giving up hope that I will find someone right for me again.


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