Inner demon

“Look at the state of you. Yes, you are that big. Look at the size of your stomach! And your bottom! And your arms and legs! You are HUGE!

No one is ever going to find you attractive. Who would ever fancy you? Who would want to undress you? You will never find anyone who will want to be with you. And don’t even think of finding someone attractive who will ‘love you for who you are’. Ha! They wouldn’t look twice at you. They would pity you and your grotesque body.

You might as well eat that. Let’s face it, you are never going to be thin, are you? How many times have you tried now? Every time a failure. Every time you lose a little and gain a lot. You are pathetic. Greedy and pathetic. Be honest with yourself. You’re fat. You’ve always been fat and always will be. All you do is stuff your face. You are the fat one in your family – everyone knows it.

And, if by some miracle you actually lost the weight, just think what an absolute mess you’d be. Stretch marks, everywhere. Sagging skin. Flat, droopy boobs. Disgusting. You will never escape the fact that you’re still a fat girl. And then you would just put it all on again. Because you can’t help yourself, can you? You can’t say no. You just keep eating. Even when you have a good day, you ruin it by stuffing your big fat face with more food.

What a joke. It doesn’t matter how many black tops you wear. Pretty shoes aren’t going to change anything. All people see when they look at you is a big, fat, ugly blob. Your kids are embarrassed by you. You are an embarrassment. A big, fat failure.

Keep eating fatty: food is all you have got.”


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