“where have all the good men gone?”

I’m home early from a night out with my friends. We have had good food, prosecco and cocktails, and a laugh. My friends live in what would be called an affluent area near a city.

I live in a rural area om the outskirts of a town which is socially deprived. I am not a snob – in fact, very much a working class girl- but I am pretty certain I am unlikely to meet the focused professional that I am looking for, near where I live. Those that do live there have definitely been snapped up.

So, not only do I look forward to having a great night out with my friends, the chance to look at what – or more specifically who – might be out there, is appealing. I have no desire to go into online dating at the moment.

And my report is…. Zilch. Nothing. Absolutely no one that even attracted me, never mind who seemed interested in return. It leaves me feeling that I have no hope of ever meeting anyone. Silly , perhaps, but we have been out a few times now.

Is that why he has so much power over me? Because I am so attracted to him? Is that all it is, really?

On the online dating front,you friend has offered me her log in for match. She has paid up for the next two months but has met someone. I’m half tempted.

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