Just a speck

Just your insignificance ever hit you? As in, you could be doing something – probably something mundane – and you realise how tiny and unimportant you are. How you are just one of a million people doing exactly the same thing.

Take today. Today I was travelling home from Liverpool on the train. I don’t often go to Liverpool despite it being only 30 minutes away – perhaps once every few months (the last time I went was the beginning of September).

It was dark and as slowed whilst heading towards the next station, I looked out at the rows of yellow and white street lights. I saw the dark edges and shadows of buildings. And I realised that somewhere in those houses, someone was making tea. Someone was ironing. Someone was arguing. Someone was making love.

My insignificance then is somewhat of an inspiration to me in that my life is no different from many others. And that somewhere, out there, someone special is looking for me too.


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