One more coffee.

Eurgggh. The weather is grim. Despite being ten in the morning, it is dark enough for you to believe that the sun gave up on this little wet island today. There has been heavy rain (again) so much so that there is a huge puddle in the middle of my lawn. The world is dark and dreary and is not enticing me to go out as planned.

I woke the children this morning relatively early. They behaved well (for once!) and left to go to school with their dad without issue.

I tidied, emptied the dishwasher and made myself a coffee. I sat in the quiet and once again contemplated where to venture today. I got on to Google maps and scrolled around the area where I live.

I live in my childhood home. I went to university in my home town. I don’t regret my decisions – I feel that I am fortuitous in where I live. I’m 30 minutes from the sea. I’m 30 minutes from a beautiful city. I’m an hour from the Lake District. A little further out and I could visit Wales or the Peak District. I’m lucky.

Never being a particular fan of Geography, I enjoyed scrolling through the map this morning; looking at the proximity of places, remembering special times I have visited areas. Following roads I’ve not travelled down in a while. I’ve found a little village that I have not visited before and it’s only about 20 minutes away. Madness. It has a farm shop and cafe there so this is where I planned to go.

I showered and dressed and came down the stairs. The world was still dreary and dark.

One more coffee and this post later, and I might just be ready to venture out of my home.

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