Another month

So, I’m still mental. The doctor has given me another month off. I’ve been on Sertraline for approximately three weeks now and it will take 4-6 weeks for them to take full effect.

I’ve had some glimpses of me in the last couple of weeks. It feels like slipping on an old, favourite coat. It’s comfortable, reassuring, fits well. But I can’t keep it on all the time, unfortunately. I’m still having low days and I’m still getting anxiety. So despite my frustration over another month, the doctor is probably right. He said one day in the future I will look back and this will have just been a blip in my life, easily forgotten. Let’s hope so. That’s what I intend this to be. I’m giving my mind permission to heal at its own pace. After that, I expect to be in perfect working order until I get deliriously and deliciously crazy in my old age which is when I will not care that I am mental.


2 thoughts on “Another month

  1. Good luck, and yes, patience. It’s hard, but with meds and anxiety, patience is important. I also deal with these things, you can read on my blog Tabula Rasa ( if you want a new perspective. Anyway, I hope you get better 😀

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