Why am I depressed?

Because I can’t be the mother, housewife and career woman I want to be.

Because my dad has cancer and he is getting more frail each day.

Because my mum left and I miss her every day.

Because although I love my job, I have aspirations I will probably never succeed.

Because I wish I was a better mother.

Because I am alone and can’t imagine ever finding love again.

Because I found an unbelievable connection with someone and I can’t understand why we can’t have a relationship.

Because my marriage failed.

Because I’m overweight and unfit and no matter what I do, that doesn’t seem to change.

Because I am so lucky and I havr absolutely no right to be miserable.


3 thoughts on “Why am I depressed?

    1. Very much so. I’ve found the Sertraline to have a really positive effect. As the weeks have gone on, the ratio of good days to bad days has improved. We will get there. 😊

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