And that’s Life

“Today I actually felt happy. Yes, happy.” (My blog post yesterday)

How dare you! Says Life. You are not allowed to be happy. You are not allowed to be so arrogant to believe that there are happy endings to every sorry tale!

Indeed not. And so Life threw in a few little challenges, just to keep me on my toes.

Ha ha ha! You want a easy final week? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. No, no, no, that can’t happen.

And so it started last night with my youngest getting a temperature and rash and a bad cough. He did not want to go to bed at all. When I checked on him before I went to bed, he had wet the bed. Great.

I stripped him off, cleaned him up and took him to my room. Sorted. Apparently not. Two hours later and he is still fidgeting. I actually counted at one point and he stayed still for a maximum of three seconds.

But let’s put the icing on the cake shall we? Let’s add a sore throat – for me. Who cares that I have already had a cold last week? That clearly wasn’t enough. By 3am my nose was streaming and it was painful to swallow.

I finally got up at 5.30am. I’ve had a broken night of sleep and I was worried that I wouldn’t wake up with my alarm. Today is my first day of getting up early as if preparing for work.

Once I’ve done my jobs and have taken them to school. I’m going back to bed. So there.

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