Ringing the changes

My beautiful ring arrived! It is truly lovely but… (and I am sure some of you predicted this)… It doesn’t look like the real ring. Really. It is surprisingly chunkier with a bigger stone. So, it has gone back in its box while I decide what to do- my son is not going to be fooled by that.

I have been in work all week. I am exhausted but proud of myself. Each day I feel a little stronger, a little more like myself. It’s a good feeling.

It has been nice to do things differently. I’ve been starting some new tasks which have captivated my attention. And today I was asked to return to English to cover a GCSE class whilst someone is on long term sick.

I said yes immediately. I want to help the pupils who are fed up of supply teachers. I want to help my headteacher who has supported me greatly. And, I am a good English teacher. I know I can do some good. And it is nice to feel needed I suppose.

Some of my colleagues have given me a word of caution – not to take on so much so soon. Honestly, this didn’t occur to me but I suppose they are right in a way and I am grateful for their thoughts. The finer details are to be discussed tomorrow. I am looking forward to teaching English again though so I need to make this work.

We break up for Easter tomorrow and I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with family and friends.

Life is back on track.

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