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I tend to come onto WordPress every couple of days to catch up on the few blogs I follow. I only follow a few blogs because I want to make sure I give your writing my full attention – I follow enough so that I have enough to read and enjoy. I’m not going to follow a blog that I don’t have the time to read – that just seems rude, as does the apparent practice of liking posts that haven’t even been read (does that really happen?!)

Of late though, there seems to be less and less on my blog feed. Today I worked through my ‘followed blog’ page on settings and realised that many of the blogs I follow have just stopped – that’s so sad! Sure, a couple have moved to Facebook or other platforms that I don’t use but many have just stopped, frozen in time on those last thoughts and posts.

So, I’m going to start adding some new blogs to my list over the next few days and it’s quite exciting. I love new reading material. 😊

As you can see, I’m still trying to ride the positivity train. I have a road trip that I need to write about but at the moment my mind is preoccupied with my dad who is ill again. Things are not looking good and I will post on this soon too.

Hope you are a having a restful and celebratory Easter with family and friends. Today, for me, is about celebrating being alive – about new beginnings, miracles, and the wonders of this world we live in. Enjoy. 😊


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