Oh how the mighty do fall…

I’m going for lighthearted tonight. Dad is still ill but still with us. I don’t want to write about it tonight but will update soon.

A few years ago, I had to visit another establishment as part of my job. The place was somewhere I knew well but hadn’t visited in a while. (I’m being suitably vague thanks to reading a fellow blogger’s post about it being discovered by a bad date…eek!)

I was most impressed when the person I was meeting turned out to be young, male and attractive. Yum.

He was tall, athletic and had light brown hair. He dressed fashionably and I supposed that he was in his early 30s so a couple of years younger than me.

We sat and talked about the business in hand. He was polite and passionate about his work which was also appealing. He was perhaps a little effeminate at times but… I left with a little crush. I didn’t get the feeling he felt the same way. I could picture the girlfriend he would have – very slim, tanned, gym bunny type (I know I am stereotyping here) but not me. Ah well.

Move forward two years…. A while ago, a friend of mine who had paid for match.com and got fed up gave me her password. I half heartedly filled it in but gave myself a nickname loosely based on my real name and did not put up any pictures. And yes, you’ve guessed it, he was on there. He’s older than me which was a surprise, but had been single for a while and wanted to settle down. I liked the way he wrote. I still liked his pictures. 😊 So, I winked at him.

I know he looked at my half hearted ad and I know he didn’t respond. Maybe it was the lack of pictures or detail. Maybe it’s that he doesn’t want a separated woman with three kids. Maybe he didn’t like the sound of my description. I had a pang of disappointment – dating someone attractive, intelligent and in the same line of work was appealing – but I understood that I perhaps was not. You win some, you lose some.

Fast forward again to today.

Today, I had to visit the same establishment again. With everything that has been going on, I was looking forward to the distraction of a pleasant task ahead, a different scenery, but I hadn’t even remembered the handsome stranger from last time until he came to the office to collect me.

Still attractive… modern style of clothing , modern hairstyle.. Tall, athletic. I’ve already said all that, I know but it was a pleasant surprise. I looked forward to the chance to get to know more about him.

Isn’t it funny how you soon realise that it’s underneath that truly makes someone attractive?

He was friendly enough and helpful. But he was also a little conceited and egotistical. I very much got the sense that he wanted to impress me, perhaps due to my role. He talked a lot. He actually admitted that a few times. Perhaps, just because that’s who he is… . And why he’s single??

At the end, I walked out of there having thoroughly enjoyed my morning. But I left my crush behind. One to admire from afar, I think.

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