Hell No

OK, I admit it: I have already hidden dating profile.

Apart from the fact that I kept going on to check it, tweak it etc (far too many times), I’ve had very little interest.

I’m not just talking about a lack of contact, I mean a lack of men even looking at my profile. Six in total. Yes, six. One of those was someone I’d liked. The other five where what one of my favourite dating blogs, Back in Stilettos again, would call ‘Hell No’s’, but they weren’t interested either it would seem.

So, whereas you could blame an inefficient profile on lack of likes, I can only assume the issue lies in one of the following:

  1. I’m not attractive enough to gain attention.
  2. My weight is putting men off. I’m a Hell No.
  3. There aren’t that many men on this particular dating site.

There’s arguments for each one. I fully accept that I’m average looking. Pretty at best. I’m not sexy, I’m not beautiful, stunning or appealing. But average looking women gets dates and get attention. I did choose what I would call a nice, everyday picture. That way they wouldn’t be disappointed in real life.

My weight. Yep, my weight is more of an issue. Doesn’t explain why they aren’t even looking thoughMy head shot is not making me look huge.

Last night, I stretched the boundary to 80 miles away. I got another page of candidates. That’s it. Although I have read of success for this particular site, I think that perhaps there are just not the numbers needed where I live. I’ve dated online before – I know it’s a numbers game. I actually think the same can be said for ‘old’ style dating – think how many people you would walk past on a night out and vice versa.

The likelyhood is that it is all three. And I probably haven’t left it hard enough. Whatever the reason, my small venture into online dating again has made me realise that although my heart is ready, my head isn’t. Online dating is supposed to be fun and I was merely feeling anxious about it. My hangups about my appearance are amplified.

What next then? I suppose it’s back on to the diet until I feel more confident about myself. I’m also going to do some more research into dating sites to see where I will go next. And you never know, my soulmate may be there on my next walk. Who knows.


3 thoughts on “Hell No

  1. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! 😋

    I think most people think the way you do about online dating. My friend Jill is currently having a hard time with it and is really struggling.


    1. No problem Lauren. ☺ I’ve given up to be honest. Whatever the issue, I don’t have the mental stamina for it at the mo. You just make it sound so exciting! I’m just going to focus on me for a while – a new learning curve.

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