After some encouragement and advice, I have now downloaded Hinge.

Hinge is a free dating app. You add basic details about yourself and choose which you want to be seen. You then choose three prompts from a bank and answer them. Finally, in order to be able to interact with others, you have to add six photos. You can then perfect your preferences and hey presto! You are sent a list of possible candidates. Similar, I believe, to other apps, you then can dismiss them or like something on their profile (prompt answer or photo) before moving on.

I’m telling you this because I actually wasn’t sure what Hinge did. I chose it because I then believed that if someone who I liked, liked my profile back, we could then communicate. As in, my frayed ego believed that if I didn’t get contact it was not because my ‘advances’ dismissed, rather that I didn’t appeal in the first place. My bizarre logic makes this version feel kinder, almost like you would only get in contact if the fates allowed, if that makes sense.

Apparently not. After a good scroll through and a few likes being sent out (I quite like that I don’t know how many I sent out, the fall from grace isn’t as big that way), I went out and accidentally left my phone at home.

When I got back, I discovered I had a like! Not, unfortunately, by anyone whom I had liked but someone else. It then dawned on me naive I had been: all the men I had liked would have to respond. And as I discovered, they’d have to respond before being able to do anything else.

I’m even more depressed now.

I hate Internet dating.


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