I woke this morning with a song on my lips. Dad’s song. I hadn’t dreamed of him and yet the song was there.

The pain is sharp and nagging today and won’t be squashed or pushed aside. It’s raw and malevolent.

I can’t stop crying. I long to hear my Dad, to feel him squeeze my hand, to breathe him in when I hug him. I need his kindness, and strength and love today. But it’s not here, and never will be again, and the truth of that is crushing and destroying and painful beyond belief.

But this is grief. It lulls you each day. It never disappears. It’s ever present but it hides in shadows, tricks you in to carrying on only to cripple you when you least expect it. And that’s OK. I welcome the grief because it is a sign that my love is still there, still alive and well and will never leave, even if Dad has.

My heart goes out to all that are grieving today. God bless. 💗

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