The woman in the green coat

I sometimes feel like my life is one long drama. Is it the way I react to things? Or have I just been unlucky?

I’m even at the point where I feel paranoid about it. Do work colleagues look at me and think, here she goes again? What is it this time? I don’t want it that way. I crave stability, calm, contentment. Do other people have this? Does their life move steadily from heartbeat to heartbeat, with their only concerns where they should go on holiday or what to have for tea? Of course, I know that life is more complex than that, but apart from the life changing events that we all have to go through, is the rest of their life a still lake of calm? And can I achieve this too?

I have started to think that this is achievable, mainly because of the woman in the green coat.

I see her every morning. Her coat is more a jacket, like green with a hood. She’s in her 50s I would guess, with short, highlighted blond hair.

I’ve seen her at various points on my journey to work so she must walk a couple of miles at least each morning. I’ve never seen her starting or end point so I can’t be sure. She always has a large bag on her shoulder, like a leather shopper. Occasionally, I’ve seen her carrying gardening tools.

But this isn’t the striking thing about her. The thing that has drawn my attention to her, and makes me seek her out each day, is the fact that she is always smiling. As in, every day, as she walks to wherever she goes, she smiles. She is always alone. She doesn’t appear to listening to anything. She just smiles.

Do you smile constantly? No, me neither.

Is her life so wonderful that she smiles all the time? Is it a technique she uses to stay happy? Does she just love walking. Does she even realise she’s doing it?

One thing’s for sure, when I see her she makes me smile too.

6 thoughts on “The woman in the green coat

    1. Love it. I’m smiley when I talk to people and they’ve commented on it. However, I have a resting moody face, if you get what I mean! I need to work on it!


  1. You are not alone. I swear I’m living a life that people just shake their heads at and think god they aren’t me! And I can’t say that I blame them. lol It’s not my reaction that causes my life to be so dramatic- trust me! It’s only when I’m catching up with someone I haven’t seen and I listen to myself chronicling what’s been going on that I realize how ridiculous this is! I can’t make it sound like anything other than a Greek tragedy!! But I try to laugh and not let it get to me. I’ll let you know how that’s working for me…. Hang in there! I think I’ll start looking for my woman in the green coat to brighten my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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