Laws of attraction

If the theory is correct, simply by thinking frequently and positively.. having a clear vision of what I desire… this will attract what I am searching for, to me.

So, as this year comes to a close, I’ll put it out there. I’ve nothing to lose, right?

You value family and friends and spend lots of time socialising with them. You have hobbies you are passionate about. You love the great outdoors.

Your job is important to you – you are not without ambition – but you also believe in perspective and balance.

Your intelligence shines through as we talk through the night but you’re modest too. You’re insightful and interesting. But you listen. We talk about so many things that it doesn’t matter that we don’t always agree: we inspire each other to open our minds. You aren’t a comedian but we laugh together regularly.

You’re tender and affectionate but at the same time passionate and sexy, when the time is right. You make my stomach turn over from the simplest things – a smile as you put the kettle on, or your hand brushing against my cheek as you pass by. You don’t have to be perfect – no one is – but something about you draws me near.

You make me feel beautiful and intelligent, accepting and loving my flaws as I for yours, whilst somehow inspiring me to be better.

We will love our time together – walking, cooking, travelling, quiet reading on a Sunday afternoon – but will always appreciate our time apart too, confident in each others’ honesty and fidelity whilst acknowledging the importance of other family and friends.

Our love will renew confidence and purpose, will inspire and improve, will secure and enhance. It will last til our dying days.

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