See me

I’m here.

Can you see me?

Right before your eyes I stand.

Look at me.

See past the disappointments of imperfection and

See me.

See my heart which beats for you.

See my soul which longs for you.

See me, who loves you.

Could that be enough?

I have a heart to give and it is yours.

And in receiving it you will become whole.

You will never be alone. You will never be unloved.

See me and see love.

See my eyes light with fire when you’re around.

See my soul lift through the weight of the day when you’re near.

See my heart swell with hope and love and happiness because you’re with me.

See me, love me.

I see you.

I see your imperfections.

I see your fear and your hopes:

I see your dreams.

I see a face that I love, a body I crave and a soul I miss.

I see you. See me. See love.


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