What women think

Anyone else relate to this??

“So, we shared a kiss on Saturday. Actually, he kissed me. And he kept saying how ‘hot’ I looked. And he danced with me. And he wanted to be intimate with me. He must like me.

But I held back. I wasn’t intimate with him, other than cuddles. I told him that I wanted to be intimate but not in the state he was in (very drunk). I didn’t ask him to stay.

We spent Sunday texting. And then… Nothing. Do I message him now? Is that too forward? Will I come across as pushy or desperate? Will I scare him off?

But if I don’t text he won’t know that I am interested. He might think I don’t want him because I said no. He left his ‘belonging’ here. Did he do that on purpose as a way back in? Is he avoiding me which is why he hasn’t arranged to get it back?

I’ll leave it a few days and see if he texts me.

It’s been three days. No texts. It wouldn’t hurt to text now, would it? Then he’d know I was thinking about him. I’ll mention his ‘belonging’.

Should I have sent that? Does it just sound like I want his belonging out of my house? Like I’m trying to erase him out?

He’s text back. It’s a quick text thanking me and that he’ll collect it tomorrow.

Is that good? Does that mean he wants to see me? I wonder if he will come in. But he hasn’t engaged in a chat so maybe he really just wants his belonging. So why didn’t he get in contact first?

Maybe I’m overthinking this. (You think?!) I just want rid of it now.

I’m going out now. Maybe I should just offer to drop it off? That way I won’t be obsessing about his visit. I’ll text and ask. It’s only the second text so I haven’t gone too far. And I’ll be saving him a journey, anyway. Hopefully he will see how thoughtful I am. Unless he did want to see me but now it’s like I don’t want him to visit. Too late I’ve sent it.

He’s not replied.

He’s still not replied and I need to go out now. I won’t drop it off because I’ll look like a stalker. I will look like an idiot if he texts yes while I’m out but never mind.

Well I’m back and after all that phone checking he hasn’t replied. Good job I didn’t just drop it off.

Maybe he’s sick of me and is just ignoring me. Maybe he did actually want to spend time with me and wanted to come to my house so ignored the text!

I’m going mental. This is why choosing singledom is easier. “


2 thoughts on “What women think

  1. I can relate to that so well!
    I read something good the other day. It was about why (some) men disappear, whether long-term or on and off. One of the explanations was that most men (and women) wear a mask, showing the person *they want to be* rather than the person they are. When it gets too difficult to maintain, they disappear, because they feel to insecure of who they really are, and it’s easier to hide than to explain our open up and be vulnerable. My current experience mirrors that very well. I used to have just the same disputes with myself about D, and others before that too. Right now, with Y, it’s so easy, because he *is* the guy he says he is. As it started off as all casual and potentially short-lived, none of us tried to seem better than we were (not fundamentally, anyway). Now, if I feel like texting, I text, and if he doesn’t answer, he’s either got nothing to say, or he’ll answer later. Same goes the other way round. It’s so simple, and so refreshing!


    1. I love that! Is that true for me and Lost Soul? I don’t know. He is vulnerable with me… But then he often disappears. Maybe you’re right. I’m so confused.


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