This is why

I hate Internet dating.

After much contemplation, I thought I would give it a go.

I searched a bit, read some reviews, and settled for Bumble. This app only let’s you contact if you both are interested and the woman always has to message first. You both have 24hours to respond.

So, I started. I only put one picture of myself up, one from Christmas that my sisters said I looked beautiful in.

I read and swiped and was pleased to see that I had 50+ interests although apparently not the people the men that I was interested in.

And then it happened–I got a match!

Reading his profile, he liked cooking and baking, traveling so I though I’d skip the ‘hello there’ and try to be more original.

“So, what would you cook for a date then?”

Him: “Lettuce for you”

“Lettuce for your diet.”

He then blocked me before I could respond in kind.


He didn’t need to match me. He didn’t need to answer my message (which now makes me feel even fatter than ever) because after 24 hours of no response, we become invisible to each other. Why be nasty?

This, right here, is why I hate Internet dating.


4 thoughts on “This is why

  1. Yep, he had no reason, and you have no reason to listen to that kind of codswallup.
    I’d advise you to add more than one picture (different looks, different activities), and don’t put too much importance into an answer like that. Unfortunately, some guys are cross, let down, hurt and disappointed, and they let it out on “the women” on such apps. Obviously it’s a waste of everybody’s time, but you can always report them (as I think you should in this case).

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    1. I have reported him. I’m trying to not let it get to me but unfortunately it has. Not good for my first contact! I’ve not given up yet but will give it a few more days.

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      1. Just remember – they are judging their own warped perception of their interpretation of a 2 dimensional picture of you. That’s a long way removed from judging you upon sound facts.

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