Second match messages

The next Bumble match to respond…

Me: Hey there (After the last disaster I’m not putting effort in until I know they’re not an idiot)

Him:Hi. Are you the dominant type

Sinking feeling. I know where this is going. I check his profile again – he seems normal enough. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Me: In what sense? Relationships?

Him: sexually. Do you always like to be in full control?

And block.

Clearly, my world is very different to everyone else’s.

In my world, I log on to Bumble. I look at the pictures and profiles and decide if a) I could ever picture letting this man anywhere near me, b) he is possibly a murderer/psychopath/player, c) we have anything in common. I then swipe accordingly.

In my world, I realise that there will be men who do not like me. Fair enough. I also realise that if I do end up with a match, either one of us may then decide after messaging that it may not work. And, as experience has taught me, even if you then get to the stage of meeting up, the same may happen there too. Those are my expectations. That’s what I understand.

Clearly I am wrong here. Apparently men ‘swipe right’ to like you because:

A) they want the chance to abuse your appearance

B) They just want kinky sex and that’s all

C) they then want to completely ignore the message you’ve just sent even though you have matched.

One more day and then I’m giving up. I’m not expecting true romance here straight away, but a little humanity would be good.


5 thoughts on “Second match messages

  1. You’re not alone.
    I’m not sure exactly when online dating changed but it’s awful. I’ve used online dating on and off for about 10 years.

    It’s currently the worst I’ve ever known. Not sure if it’s the age bracket I’m now in or the sign of the times.
    Guys sending abuse then blocking you is just spineless and cowardly. And all too common!! Ignore them they have issues.
    The many guys looking for hookups.. I just say no thank you and move on. Living in hope that a ‘normal’ (if that exists) guy comes along.
    Hopefully third time lucky. 🤞🏼

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    1. Sorry to hear you are experiencing it too. Although I was starting to think I looked like Jabba… I don’t know why it can’t be more simple – sites for hook ups, sites for not. There is in theory but not in practice. Well, fingers crossed anyway. B

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