The six that I matched and messaged yesterday have disappeared without contact. Add that to the four from yesterday and that makes ten.

One of the men I’ve chatted with has just stopped. The other has asked to meet up!

I’ve matched with a few more today and have messaged.

I will be honest, I’m getting a little suspicious. Here are my theories:

1) I haven’t really matched with these men but Bumble want me to think I have so I keep swiping and in the end, buying.

2) The men swipe right for everyone rapidly and then see who matches before making a choice – if so, what does this suggest about the app?

3) All of them like my face but don’t like what I write – which would be pretty bad as I’m an English teacher.

4) They’re getting loads of matches and I’m not top of their wish list – if so, this is pointless.

I’ve tried ‘Hey there” and I’ve tried commenting or questioning something on their profile. Nothing.

This just still won’t compute in my head – why swipe right if you have no intention of chatting?

Anyone out there experienced the same?

Anyone have any advice?

2 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Yeah, sure, it happens all the time. I’m even guilty of doing that myself… Sometimes there’s a match but when I revisit the profile, I realise that I made a mistake. It’s not necessarily up to my standards, but something suggests that it’s not quite right, or looking for something that I’m not looking for.

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