We’ve spent one full day in France so far. Despite the usual sibling squabbles, I’m feeling rested and relaxed already.

I can’t say the same for yesterday. My goodness that was difficult!

Packing was fine. Easy even. Apart from my 14 year old deciding she didn’t need my help – at all – I could plan and manage. Job done.

Airport security was the first major stress. I worry about that when I haven’t got the children with me, so three kids with electronics and a daughter who has packed without supervision is a scary prospect.

Other than receiving no help from the airport staff as I slowly went through each bag (they were helping single passengers for some strange reason) it was faultless. I then relaxed.

We got to the gate on time, found our seats…all good. My eldest son then started to get anxious (part of his condition, fixated on plane crashes) but my daughter was fantastic in supporting him. My youngest, who has never been on a plane, was equally good. I’d packed a colouring book, a deck of cards and a card game set so he was entertained throughout. He did ask when we were going on the slide which I then tried to explain, but it was a successful trip.

Unfortunately, I’d managed to mess up the car rental. We had an hour wait until it was sorted but I wasn’t stressed and didn’t mind. May be because this actually meant I didn’t have to drive for a while.

I’d class myself as a confident driver as a whole. Not when I’m driving in a foreign country. This was my first time and I was dreading it and rightly so. It was HORRIBLE.

It felt wrong. It was a manual instead of my usual automatic. I was on the wrong side of the road. I didn’t know where I was going. I didnt know the speed limits. Awful.

I did it though. My kids were amazingly supportive. I did it. 😁

Today has been better and I have made a couple of small journeys. My confidence is growing.

We’ve had a lovely time so far. We’ve walked together, played together, relaxed.

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