Summer update part two

I’m currently on a small plane flying from Innsbruck Austria to Frankfurt before flying on to Manchester.

I have had the most amazing holiday in Austria with my friend. I’ve done things I never thought I would do and have experienced sights like no other I have seen.

Innsbruck is usually a winter ski location but I strongly recommend visiting in the summer. The weather was glorious – hitting 30° on some days – and there’s nothing better when you’re stood on top of a mountain, taking in the views.

There’s so much to do in this city. Lots of museums, from the interesting folk museum to the museum of anatomy. There are plenty of beautiful buildings and castles to explore, shops and restaurants and then of course, nature itself.

Innsbruck is a walkers paradise. We spent a morning on top of Nordketter, a mountain accesible by funicular for those not inclined to walk (ie, me) and it afforded the most stunning and awe-inspiring views. There’s nothing more life affirming than attempting to sketch the scenery upon a mountain top.

There are of course other mountains in the area to explore, all accessible by bus on train. We travelled to bus to Mieders and experienced the delights of their hair-raising summer toboggan or alpine roller-coaster. Not for the faint hearted. However, sitting on the meadowy mountain side, surrounded by pink, purple and yellow flowers, and gazing at the stunning views of mountain, valley and forest it is absolutely worth it.Austria is not the cheapest place to visit although we got a great deal on flights and accommodation. We flew with Lufthansa and Austrian airlines: the short stop over in Frankfurt keeping the cost of flights below £200 per person. There are direct flights in summer at double the price but with many more ecomical flights in the winter. However I can not fault the Lufthansa service: staff were polite and accommodating, seats were comfy with ample leg room and you get a complimentary drink and snack. We stayed in an Airbnb loft apartment which catered for 6 despite their being two of us, and we paid £550 for the week. It had everything we needed, was clean and comfortable and was two minutes from the train station and a ten minute walk to the Altstadt.

You can expect to pay just under €4 for a coffee or ice cream and most main meals cost around €15. Austrian lager and wine is similarly around €3-4 a glass. Of course, you have to try the wiener schnitzel, apple strudel and Austrian beer. All good. 😁

Definitely worth paying for was the Innsbruck card. This gives you free travel on local and sightseeing buses and free entry to all the museums, castles and cultural landmarks. This also includes access to Nordketter which cost around €36 in itself. We paid €50 each for two days which allowed us to see the majority of where we wanted to go.Similarly, with such great transport links, we had to make use of these and managed a trip to Salzburg and later Bolzano, Italy. The trains were quick and comfortable and the views were amazing. Of course, none of my pictures do it justice so you will just have to visit yourself!

5 thoughts on “Summer update part two

      1. Growing up with a mother who came from German roots, I’ve had my share of strudel here in the states :-). But I can tell just by looking at that one, it’s quality. Made my mouth water :-).

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