Too much thinking

There would be a real irony if, after I post about dating scammers, I then fall for one.

Don’t worry, I haven’t yet. But yesterday’s post has got me thinking.

Tonight, my Facebook friend and I had another video chat.

It was fun. He is funny.

Then it got serious. He asked how I felt about him. We talked about the distance.

How do you answer those questions?

Yes, I really like him. But liking someone in a video chat is not liking them face to face.

I have no idea what his expectations are. I know nothing.

I know to be guarded. I know not to believe what I hear.

But then, how do we ever meet anyone? English men lie and have their own agendas too. In fact, the most polite men I’ve spoken to have not been English.

We live in a world of distrust. People lie. So how can online dating ever be successful?

As is typical of my life, things are getting complicated. I’m desperately trying to claw back the fun element of this venture, without the drama of feelings which are always going to create a situation which won’t end well.

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