Subterfuge and smiles

I message him, just a hello..

A cryptic message returns:

‘I will call you, don’t talk. ”

” ok”, I reply, the written word not expressing the confusion.

Within seconds, he is there

Finger against his lips.

My heart skips a beat, silently.

The camera switches…

I see his family, generations,

Talking in a language I don’t understand.

He calls the baby,

A bundle of cuteness who crawls on the floor.

The camera switches and I see his face

And he sees mine, smiling.

His eyes change when he sees me, I see that, no mistaking that,

And he smiles too.

And my heart thunders silently in my chest.

The camera goes blank.

Minutes later, he calls again,

now outside,

Taking time away from his family visit

To tell me he misses me.

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