Boxing Day walk

Yesterday I had arranged to go out with my friend. I’ve never been out on Boxing Day before. As a child, it was always a day to play with your toys and then a buffet with family who had been busy on Christmas Day. As an adult I’ve continued that tradition – when my sisters are with their in-laws for Christmas they come to me for Boxing Day.

Obviously, things have been different this year. My friend spends Christmas Day helping out at a local centre, provide Christmas Dinner for the homeless, elderly and poverty-stricken. So, we made plans for Boxing Day.

I made a picnic – turkey sandwiches, homemade vegetable soup, a mince pie and I brought Christmas napkins and Christmas Crackers.

The weather was awful, wet and cold, but there is something to be said for a warm coat, hat and scarf in that weather.

For the first half an hour we sat in the car, sipping coffee, catching up on our ‘love’ lives and exchanging gifts whilst the rain trickled down outside.

But then we braved the weather, got wrapped up and went for a walk. We had gone to a council owned Manor house and estate – formal gardens, shops and restaurants and extensive parkland.

It didn’t matter that it was cold and wet. Being outdoors, having fresh air and exercise, is food for my soul. I was happy and came home euphoric.

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