The last train

It’s cold and wet and dreary outside. Typical English weather. I’m sat on the last train, heading towards Stansted Airport.

Two things have struck me whilst siting here.

First – I am so proud of myself! I keep thinking about my breakdown and how I couldn’t even leave the house to take the kids to school. Now look at me! Whatever happens with Wild Card, this has been a journey for me metaphorically as well as literally. Saying that, the journey has been good so far… Maybe I do have a propensity to look for negatives.

The second thing was that we are taught to perceive differences where there aren’t any. As I look out of the window at the dark clouds, rain, fields – and more recently, houses and shops – and I could quite easily be up north. There’s little difference, no need for the North-South divide. And if that’s the case in my own country, where we stereotype and become prejudiced, what does it say about our perceptions of those so far away?

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