Flying high – written last night

After a delay due to the onset of Storm Dennis, I am currently in the air on the last stage of my journey.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think I might actually be converted to solo travel, it is extremely empowering.

On the other hand, my happiness could also be from the fact I’ve had regular messages from Wild Card asking how I am and generally just checking in. He called me in the airport and both of our smiles were wide and all encompassing. I could see he was excited as me.

Somehow, time passed quickly in the airport even though I was there a while. I browsed, I read. It was quite relaxing.

Admittedly, the flight has not been quite as relaxing. Only because my brain no longer has to think about travel so it can think about him.

In two hours or so we will be face to face.

My goodness. It’s finally happening.

I’m going to go bright red when I see him. How can I hide that? I’ve been travelling nearly twelve hours, I bet I look a mess.

What do I call his parents? No pdas… Do I shake hands, bow my head? I can’t just stand there.

What if there is disappointment on his face when he sees me?

Will we just talk like we always do or will it be awkward?

What do I do if I wake up in the night? What do I do when I wake up in the morning?

When will we have the talk? Does he have a plan? Is he going to leave it a few days? Or straight away? How will I know if he’s just waiting or if he just doesn’t want to?

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