The plane finally landed

The plane finally landed.

As soon as I stepped on to the tarmac I felt a sense of… completion, I suppose. Like I’d achieved something. More than that though was sheer excitement and nerves.

I walked in to the airport to be handed a form to fill in before joining a long queue for passport control. Turning off airplane mode showed that he’d messaged nearly an hour before to say he was waiting at the airport. We kept messaging as I moved, ever slower, up the queue.

Eventually, I was walking through double doors into a wide open space… And there he was. Big smile from him, big smile from me, as we walked towards each other. I got the french style two kisses, one per cheek, and he grabbed my suitcase.

It felt weird, surreal. This man that I knew and yet he felt ‘other’ – for the only reason that he was flesh and blood, walking alongside me, brushing up to me as we walked, fingers grabbing mine for a second then letting go.

He kept asking if I was OK, and smiling, and I could tell he was a little nervous too. But oh my was he gorgeous. Really gorgeous.

His poor family had also been waiting in the car and they all got out. I got a handshake and kisses from Dad and a big hug from mum. I felt so welcome.

I sat in the front with Wild Card and we made our way out of the airport. It was half eleven at night but there was still plenty to see. Admittedly, whilst wanting to take in my surroundings, it served as a great diversion tactic from my nerves and shyness.

Except it didn’t work because he kept asking if I was OK. Loud at first and then by whispering to me.

We arrived at his apartment and they all showed me upstairs. They were all so welcoming and friendly that I started to feel at ease despite my nerves. I sat next to him and his hand would absent mindedly touch my back or brush my hair.

Then, he showed me to my room. The door closed and he stepped forward and gave me the softest kiss… Those lips were everything I thought they’d be and more. And then his hand brushed back my hair and held my head as he kissed me again and again. Yes, it was as good as it sounds and as good as you are imagining it.

We then went back into the living room and we all had tea. Soon, his family were going to bed but Wild Card and I stayed up talking for a while.

He is everything I hoped he would be and more.

I know he likes me. They way he looks at me, the frequent but fleeting touches, his kisses, his attentiveness… You can’t fake that.

Coming next – my first full day with him.


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