Day one.

If I hadn’t expected (but admittedly had frequently dreamed of) his kisses and physical contact, then I certainly hadn’t considered he would share my bed that first night.

My room is right next to his parents’ room. I had guessed at some point I may have an evening visitor one night  if we were ever going to do more than look at each other.

That first night we went to bed late, long after the others, and as the door to my room closed it wasn’t long before we were kissing again.

It was nearly five o clock in the morning before we realised that we should get some sleep. I’d been ‘waiting’ for him to leave all night but not wanting him too, so I was surprised as he lay in bed with me, fully clothed, and wrapped his arms around me.

And that’s pretty much how we slept, although I didn’t sleep a great deal. Partly just because he was there, partly because I was concerned about the fact he was still there and what his parents would think, and then just the noises of sleeping in a city.

We had already decided that Sunday was going to be a ‘home’ day (and I had been told frequently to treat it as my home) and with the lack of sleep and his cold, staying there seemed a good plan too. Plus, scenery was nothing on the thought of looking at him all day.

A lie in wasn’t an option though. Sheer excitement and nerves of being with him had kept me awake. He was worried about me and kept asking why I hadn’t slept and was I OK?

Breakfast was lovely. His mum had made me a sort of rice pudding specially as I couldn’t eat the gluten in the homemade bread, and there was homemade orange jam and fruit. Wild Card was attentive as ever, serving me and encouraging me to eat.

After breakfast we went to the roof top to view his city and for my pale skin to soak in some of the unaccustomed sunshine.

Then it was back to our room where we cuddled and kissed and watched TV until we both fell asleep.

I woke first, again, and went back up to the roof so that he could sleep undisturbed and so I could write my last post.

Before long though he was there, having woke to find me gone and having searched the house for me. Was I alright, was everything OK?

Dinner was equally amazing and again, his mother had made me a special dish of rice to accompany the marinaded chicken and salad. Once again, Wild Card was the perfect host and kept telling me to not be shy.

Once we finished eating, he suggested that we got out for a drive and a coffee. As he was driving, he admitted that it was because I was worried that I wasn’t myself. ‘I know you’. I didn’t think I wasn’t myself but… I perhaps was just overwhelmed at their hospitality and welcome and how comfortable I was feeling.

We stopped for coffee and sat outside but my eyes were on him. We talked about this and that and then he asked ‘how I found him’. Quite a serious talk for day one but it was not unwelcome. He admitted that he had planned to wait until later in the week but it had just happened.

So in answer to all my worrying and thinking before this trip, now we have met in person, we both still like each other and want each other.

Last night I slept alone so that we could both get a good night’s sleep. I woke in the night, not unheard of for me, and I’ve been awake since 7am, lying here writing and missing him. My body is zinging with the knowledge that he is just at the other side of this wall and I am just longing for his smile and his kisses and him, again.

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