Day four – monkeying around

Yesterday was just amazing.

The day started as usual: I wake early, roused by the sounds of a city that I’m not used to, and listen to music and write until Wild Card knocks on my door. We then cuddle and kiss and talk, sometimes watch some TV, and then go for breakfast.

After breakfast we all got ready and set off on an hour and half journey to visit a city in the mountains.

You might think that sitting in a car with four people speaking a language you don’t understand is difficult. It really isn’t. I feel perfectly comfortable. Sometimes, I try to work out what they are saying. Most of the time I just enjoy listening to the cadence of Wild Card’s voice and slying watch his emphatic gestures and facial expressions as he talks, whilst I pretend to be looking out of the window.

His family are considerate though and either apologise repeatedly for not speaking in English or periodically ask me a question to include me or point out something of interest. And then, Wild Card regularly calls my name and asks if I am OK, am I well? Am I happy?

The views were stunning as we drove though, the landscape ever changing in a way I have not seen before. It’s a beautiful country and I know he is happy when he sees how much I love it here, which I do.

We arrive at the city in the mountains, whose climate is much more like an English climate: fir trees line the streets and surround the beautiful European housing.

When we get out of the car, his family walk one way and he directs me the other, again asking if I am happy, do I like it here? And I do, more so because he has made the effort to bring me here as he knew I would love it. We walk around formal gardens, stopping to take photos and his fingers brush mine. I’m so happy.

As we head back to the town, we see his parents stood at a street stall so walk over to meet them. His mother asks me for my advice on a necklace she is about to buy… To my embarrassment in turns out to be a gift for me and is not the first for the day.

We get back into the car and head into the mountains.

“We are going to see the monkeys. Are you afraid of monkeys?”

“Are they big monkeys? No I’m not afraid.”

“You’re not afraid? We will see.”

Of course, I’m stupid and think they’re in a sanctuary or something. But they’re not, they’re loose, and scampering around us, racing up and over the trees and cars or sat eyeing us.

He takes lots of photos and videos and later we laugh passionately as he describes my fear and the way I danced around as they ran around me. He was particularly amused at my thoughts of them being in cages/enclosures. The story is repeated again at dinner and whilst I don’t understand his language, I could understand what he was telling them and laughed with them.

On the way back home we stop to look at camels and more pictures are taken. Walking back to the car he spins me round and kisses me quickly. We get fruit from the car and walk amongst the trees, eating and talking. I tell him how much I have loved the day and thank him. He tells me that he wants me to be happy. He asks if I like his family and his country. I tell him I love both.

We set off again and this time his attention is on me and he jokes and plays and we laugh for the rest of the journey home, his parents smiling at us and calling him crazy, tears running down my face.

Later, lying together, he asks me if I love him, am I serious about him? And I look into his eyes and tell him I do love him and I am serious about him:

“I want you be yours.”

“You are mine baby,” and he kisses me so gently and holds me so tightly that I never want it to end.

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