Joke – 1st April 2020 (daily prompt 1)

Harry Potter fans will know this scene well:

Courtesy of Google

Harry is introduced to a Boggart. A boggart knows your deepest, darkest fears and transforms itself into them to scare you. The Hogwarts pupils learn to combat the Boggart by using a spell that turns their fears into something ridiculous – a spider on rollerskates for example.

Coronavirus is not funny, not one little bit. But amidst the horrors of the news every day, I’ve found the jokes and memes about Coronavirus on Facebook to be a guilty but effective way of putting a smile on my face, just for a moment. It doesn’t change the horrific damage this virus is causing, but the joke relieves my mind of that horror – and that’s so important for all of us.

Laughter feeds our soul – tell jokes, laugh at memes and try to have some fun today. 😊 It is April 1st, after all.

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