Song – 3rd April 2020 (daily prompt)

Don’t you love how music is a memory? How a song can evoke thoughts and feelings and sensations?

I love how, when playing a song, a line or a verse can alight a fire in you as if somehow the writer has written exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

There are songs that remind me of my dad. Songs that he loved – many that we played as he was dying and at his funeral. There were songs that we sang to him when he was unconscious because they summed up how we were feeling. And afterwards, these songs give us comfort. Like the time when I was cleaning my son’s bedroom and had music playing out of my phone. I was thinking of my dad and hoped and prayed and willed him for a sign that he was OK. The next three songs, I kid you not, did exactly that. Weird.

I have a YouTube play list of songs for Wild Card. Songs he has sang or played for me. Songs I have sang for him. Songs I played when I lay in his bed each morning, waiting for that knock on the door and the warmth and love of his body as he came to me.

But it’s not just songs that can have this effect. Listening to particular sounds are important too. Like the wind through the trees, birdsong, waves. Just closing your eyes and listening… Nature has its own songs too.

Taking the time to pause and listen is really important.

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