Dish – 5th April 2020 (daily prompt)

I love travelling. And I don’t mean holidays as such, just visiting different places: experiencing life elsewhere. Whilst I have done package holidays and like a beach as much as everyone else, I actually prefer immersing myself into the culture and history of a place. Part of that, is eating the local dish of the region when I can. I’m not one for finding the tourist inspired cafe to eat their take on fish and chips. So here goes, some of the dishes that I have tried and loved abroad:

Austria – I ate a smorgasbord of meats, sausages, cheese and sauerkraut in the mountains. I also ate apple strudel and their version of vanilla custard which is really light and delicious.

Belgium – Not a dish as such, but it goes without saying that you try their chocolate and pastries.

Bulgaria – in the hotel we stayed in, I ate the most amazing fish dish which was accompanied by a sauce made with vodka.

Czech Republic (Prague) – a traditional stew with dumplings served with a blob of cream (it works, believe me!). And then, a ‘chimney cone’ filled with chocolate, fresh strawberries and cream.

France – Steak and fries which was the best I have ever had. Plus, pastry from a local village bakery as a birthday treat.

Germany – it has to be German Bratwurst.

Greece – stuffed vine leaves, moussaka and their peaches and water melon.

Italy – admittedly, I love everything! Pasta, pizza and gelato.

Mexico – Bbq fish at a restaurant at the side of the road, near the sea. The place was basic but the food was amazing.

Morocco – Harira is delightful. I really enjoyed chermoula marinaded fish though, served with salad dressed in olive oil and preserved lemon.

Spain – Paella, every time.

Switzerland – I’m cheating here a little as we only stopped off in Switzerland on a coach trip to Italy. We were at the most picturesque motorway services I have ever been to – wooden building, surrounded by mountains. I ate the most delicious fruit, yoghurt and museli I had ever tasted, sat on a balcony looking at mountains.

Sadly, there are a few places I have been to where I can’t remember a particular dish that I ate when I was there. Never mind!


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