Signs and coincidences

This week I ventured into the unknown and the downright dangerous. I cleaned my car.

This just shows the level of my boredom and need of distraction. My car was bad. Three kids. A total lack of interest in my car and the knowledge that I can barely cope with my house. The car is right at the bottom of my priority pile. So you can imagine… Toys, food wrappers, food, shoes, coats, carrier bags, receipts, books…..

The boot was particularly bad. I’d taken to piling things on top of what was already there. Embarrassing but true.

I found some truly interesting things in my car… Think, ‘oh! That’s where it was!’ Like my marriage certificate, which I had to pay £50 for a replacement when I applied for my divorce. Or my son’s lost PE kit. And some books that I bought from a second hand book shop when I went walking with my friend…in October.

I love reading. I’m an English teacher. But recently, I have really, really struggled to read. I’m not alone in this, fellow book lovers on Facebook have reported the same thing – the level of anxiety in our current world is affecting our ability to concentrate. I can’t read the books for book group. I can’t read my favourite books. I can’t read books I have bought recently that I really fancied. Nothing is grabbing me.

But, finding my little paper bag of books was a bit like finding lost treasure. My friend and I had been to visit the historic sight of the Pendle Witch Trials. Anyway, we both love books and second hand book shops. In one such second hand shop I bought an old leather copy of Jane Eyre and I also bought the following book, just because I liked the sound of it:

So, as you do when you buy a new book, I flicked through the first few pages and read a few lines… Then a few more… A day later and I have almost finished it.

This book is scary. No, it’s not a horror. It a memoir, a true account of a woman who reconnected with her long lost love 20 years later. No, what’s scary about it, is how much I can relate to it. I bought this book before I met Wild Card online.

The writer is 39 years old and the book starts off where she is in an unhappy marriage:

Just how I felt…
I had a conversation like this with my friends
Me and my ex had this conversation (apart from the having kids part as we already had three!)
I’ve had this response from many family and friends.

And then there’s the descriptions of how she feels about her foreign lover…

Er… Yep. Exactly.
Yep, we have both laughed at my stupid misunderstandings
I am 5ft 5 too. And Wild Card is only just taller than me and we had a conversation about shoes…

And then the description of arranging and first meeting him:

I had this conversation.
I may have had a few errant thoughts like this… I was certainly scared he wouldn’t pick me up.
Baggage didn’t delay me, but passport control did. And he called, worried that I hadn’t come out yet. I wasn’t wearing a dress. Or a thong.

And then, when we had met…

Yes to the love, yes to being scared and even yes to the ‘wife’ part.

Even ignoring how I can relate to this book, it is a lovely read… Romantic and heart warming and well written. I strongly recommend it.

And once again, ‘coincidences’ have shown me the way. Today I should have been flying out to be with Wild Card. I’m heart broken. But this book is giving me hope. You can have a happily ever after.

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