Elixir – 24th April, 2020 (daily prompt)

Elixir – a magical potion with life giving or renewing properties.

Cool green grass under bare feet on a summer’s day.

The first sip of ice cold water/good coffee/a full bodied red wine/freshly squeezed orange juice

A morning hug from your children

The rustle of autumn leaves.

The look in your lover’s eyes when you know they want you.

A snowflake drifting on to an outstretched hand.

That big, deep breath you take when you are surrounded by mountains, trees and lakes.

Warm sand underfoot and a cool salty breeze in your hair.

Kissing your lover.

Dark, rich chocolate melting on your tongue.

Clean sheets on your bed.

The anticipated ending in a wonderful book.


Simultaneous orgasms with your lover.

Acts of kindness.

Children giggling.

The scent of flowers on a summer’s eve.

The soft fur of a beloved pet.

Your child’s first words/steps/drawing


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