Still learning

So, I am fully aware that this post makes me look like an anxious freak. Sharing my inner dialogue is perhaps risky. But if this helps anyone else in the same situation stop these ridiculous thoughts then, it’s all good.

It’s Sunday. He doesn’t have to get up today so I will send my morning message a little later. Not too late though – remember that first weekend of Ramadan when you didn’t send your morning message on the Sunday so he could have a sleep in? And then he called you panicking there was something wrong? You know he likes routine. Routine is good in LDR.

So 10.30am. 30-45 minutes later than usual. It’s only half 9 there though so he’s unlikely to call until later, not 10.30-11 like usual. Give me chance to finish my make up etc.


So, no contact yet. That’s to be expected. You expected that. So, those anxious feelings can just do one. Not needed yet. Keep cleaning.


Yes. But he was really quiet last night.

Because he was tired!! You know that. Stop it.


You can stop looking at the clock too. It’s only 10.20 there. He sometimes has a lie in until gone 11. And if he chooses not to message you straight away, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t mean he’s talking to other people (girls) first, and even if he does, that’s his choice! Stop making problems where there aren’t any! He will make contact he always does – and that’s what you love about him. Stop stressing, stop obsessing and get a grip.


Stop it….


❤️ He’s calling. See… You knew he would.

Awwww. He has literally just woke up. It’s dark: he hasn’t even opened the curtains. He’s sleepy and delicious. The first thing he did when he woke is call you. What more do you possibly need?

6 thoughts on “Still learning

  1. I have been following you from the beginning sweetie. It’s a crazy time I know and exceptional circumstances for you especially. I have a question for you. Do you subscribe to Islam? Just curious…he is obviously a Muslim of some sort…?

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