And so the bizarre and depressing continues.

Last night, our ‘esteemed’ Government decided that all schools will return on March 8th. So, in my case, that means that there will be around 1600 people moving about the building. Oh, and teachers are not important enough to get the vaccine early. The vaccine that reduces the spread when lots of people are together.

Ah well. Maybe this revelation means I can travel to see Wildcard. Nope, it does not.

If I am lucky it will be May 17th and as I am not it will be June 21st or something.

But it’s ok – whilst I am safely in the building with these hundreds of teenagers who constantly -and I will be generous here – forget to socially distance despite signs, stickers and warnings, ‘elite sportsmen’ can travel by plane wherever they like. Because sport is essential whilst visiting loved ones you haven’t seen for a year apparently is not.

So that is all good then. I am learning that I am invincible enough to not need a vaccine whilst everyone else shields at home or jets off for sport to another country. Fabulous.

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