Birthday balloon.

I’m in bed. I’ve had enough already and it is only 3pm.

I want my mum. I want my dad.

My sisters asked me to call round for a coffee in the garden before I went to collect my daughter. I then collected her and due wanted to come back with me. We had lunch. My sandwich was delicious but now I feel like a balloon. I never eat that much bread, gluten free or not. My sister arrived with food for later. She ranted about the supermarket. I had to get money out for something being delivered.

I want peace

Despite this morning’s intimacy, Wildcard has not sent anything. I usually get an e-card or a video or a picture but there has been nothing. It is his words I am craving. His love. I need to feel loved and wanted.

His country has definitely closed borders for another month, probably to cover Ramadan I guess. Some people think it will be June.

I just feel meh.


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