Goodbye birthday

You will be glad to hear that this is my last birthday post for this year. It is 11.44pm.

After my sulk in bed, things improved.

Wildcard sent me an amazing video of my image and wonderful lyrics.

My friend came round and showed me an unexpected act of kindness.

My sisters and family came round. And whilst it was noisy and hectic, it was fun too.

When everyone had left, I spent the evening on videocall with Wildcard and his family. The highlight was, when he had jokingly pointed out his flaws and his mother saying that he shouldn’t be like that. He asked me if I accepted him like that, the good and the bad. I said of course and he asked me to tell his mother that – in part jest but it still felt like a big moment because I did. Outloud I told her I liked the good and the bad, and accepted everything about him.

Yes he has flaws, but I truly do accept and love every one of them.

And then end of our conversation, I asked him to tell me how he really feels about me. Out in the open, in his own words. He told me that when I am with him, lying next to him, he will whisper in my ear all that he feels.

I cannot wait.


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