I know it has been a while. Sorry about that.

For a while, things just stayed the same. Work. Housework. Children. Videochats with Wildcard. Borders still closed.

Then I had some news. The bad kind. The sort that you don’t really expect.

Long story short – so unlike me – is I am going to lose my job.

Apparently, although I have been highly successful with positive feedback, pay progression and promotions year on year….apparently now I am crap. And need to go on to capability.

I have done nothing but cry for 5 days, so don’t be fooled by my flippant tone. I’m destroyed, betrayed and very lonely.

My union is on the case but…we both agree that I am clearly not wanted. The pressure is being put on to get me to leave.

Tomorrow I will not go into work.

I don’t know if I will ever go in again.

That is my news.

Oh, and the borders are still shut.


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