Day 1 – airborne

I’m looking at a beautiful sea of cloud.

The plane is pretty empty. I count 31 empty seats until you get to the next passenger. I think that was probably one of the easiest airport journeys I have ever done. Straight through everything with ease. My OCD printing and paperclipping has helped but was not needed so far.

I have been nervous all morning, understandable on so many levels and so I forgave myself. As soon as I walked into the airport I had to go to check in, not to check in luggage but to have my paperwork checked. It took less than 2 minutes. From that point I relaxed.

I’ve managed to buy Wildcard a few birthday gifts which I am happy about. Many of the shops were closed which with so few passengers is perhaps wise but it made me really think about how many people have been affected by this pandemic. So many people without work.

Wildcard has been quiet the last few days. He has called as much as ever but I know he is worrying. I almost didn’t come – yesterday I told him it wasn’t too late for me to pull out. He asked me why, and I said because he was nervous and didn’t want me to. He replied that he did but he was nervous. I’m hoping that, like me, he will relax more once I am out of the airport and in his car.

He is also convinced I will catch corona. I’ve brought my lateral flow tests so I can test myself at his house, in the hope this will calm him. It seemed to when I mentioned it.

Have I done the right thing, in coming? My sister and I joķed on the way to the airport that I will replace all my Wildcard calls with calls to home. She laughed when I told her there were six a day. I know he loves me. I just have to hope that all will go smoothly like all the other travellers who have managed to get to their loved ones in the last 16 months. The fact that the Government is considering letting all Euro football workers in without any tests or quarantine days a lot I think.

I am a rule follower. And if it really want safe to fly, I wouldn’t. But it is ok for one group of non-essential workers then it must be ok for others. And I would say seeing my boyfriend after so long is pretty essential.

So, I’m airborne on the first part of my journey. I have to negotiate an airshuttle and hotel in a language I don’t speak next, and hope that they have gluten free food tonight as well as tomorrow morning. Then, flight two. The one he – and so me too- is worried about. But I can’t believe that finally, finally, I am on my way to him. And for that reason, it is worth it. My love for him means I am willing to try, his love for me means he is worrying. Not a bad state of affairs, if you think about it.


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