Day 2 – feels like 200 – heaven

I’m flying, again. This time, the plane is full. I will not tell Wildcard this. He may pass-out.

The sea, sky, horizon is a beautiful hazy blue. Heavenly. Strangely, the only clouds in the sky seem to be over the small islands we are passing. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for that but it amuses me that it may have a human reason – us miserable land dwellers with our woes like clouds over our heads.

As we took off and I saw houses and ships and even sealife coming to the surface, I realised…there is a big old world put there. We focus so much on our little part of the world, our little life, and yet there is so much more out there. If work find out I’ve come, then, so what? I’m alive and there is life to be had outside that school.

When I’m not gazing at the heavenly blue sky or the little islands we pass by I’m thinking about Wildcard (of course I am). Much like my first visit, I’m wondering of he is nervous like me. When will he kiss me? Will I be able to feel how things have changed between us?

But soon, soon I will be with him.

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